You did it !

Wow – what an event!  The Great British Skinny Dip weekend was a roaring success, with an estimated 1,000 people taking the plunge nationwide, many of whom were enjoying their first Naturist experience.  We’d just like to say a massive ‘thank you’to all those who took part, whether as a participant or an organiser – you all made this event a resounding success.

In many areas, the weather was pretty awful – unfortunately that was the bit we couldn’t control – but it’s fair to say that the bits we could control, like our marketing and social media presence, along with the publicity by the venues themselves, all paid off.

If you were a participant – particularly a first timer – let us know your experiences, we’d love to know just how it was for you!  To our fabulous venues and organisers – thank you for all your tremendous hard work in bringing the events together, and your superb publicity efforts that pulled people in.  Don’t forget to fill out your post-event feedback questionnaires too – we want to know how your events ran so we can build on the success in future.

We got some excellent media coverage as well – The Daily Star even published a location map so that readers could find their nearest swim!  We know that across the land, local papers and even radio stations were all on board with some great positive stories.

Even though the events are over, we’ll be keeping the conversation going.  If you aren’t following our Facebook and Twitter feeds, then it still isn’t too late – we’ll be keeping these regularly updated with any new opportunities.

You came, you saw, you skinny dipped, so how about a memento of your great skinny dipping adventure?  Why not grab yourself one of our rather natty souvenir T-Shirts? Someone that doesn’t need to buy one is Paul Collier who won our social media competition. Congratulations!

Discover the health benefits of skinny dipping

Throughout September 2018 #septembare – we’re inspiring people to strip off and take a skinny dip, to discover how being naked is good for you and to help change our country’s attitudes towards nudity and body image.

The Great British Skinny Dip has been organised to create an up-beat, health-focused, exciting event for anyone in the UK to take part in.

You could also raise money for charity, or for a local club or association, or both, by taking part in a skinny dip, but first and foremost the event is about bringing people together in the name of mutual acceptance, confidence building and taking a positive and exhilarating approach towards promoting good health.

How it works and what you need to do:

Couldn’t be easier!  Read on to find out more about the health benefits…


Do you dare to bare?

Thousands of people around the world have dared to bare their bodies in front of others … and discovered that it really isn’t as daring as they first thought.

By encouraging people to strip off – and by making it a national, annual event – we’re going to change our country’s attitudes towards nudity and body image, which is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Click here to find an event near you

Throughout September 2018 – we hope that hundreds (or maybe thousands!) of people across Great Britain will do something amazing and exhilarating.

Do you want to help us to raise the profile of this great event to raise our nation’s self-esteem and confidence?

This initiative also provides a great opportunity for people to raise thousands (or maybe millions!) of pounds for charity.

Find out more about The Great British Skinny Dip here …