Luke’s Blog…part one

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We recently asked people to come and join the GBSD planning team. We were pleased to hear from Luke, a complete newcomer to social nudity, who asked if he could write a blog about his experience…here’s the first instalment and we look forward to following his journey.

On paper I’m an unlikely naturist.  I like the comfort and convenience of clothes (especially with handy pockets), I’m more of an indoors person than an outdoors person, I don’t like hot weather or staying out in the sun, and I try to avoid using sports centres with communal showers.

My closest encounter with social nudity has been the occasional brief chat with friends in a changing room whilst getting changed after a workout.  Some of this might sound like it applies to you too.   But I’m also curious to try skinny dipping, for whatever reason and that reason  is sometimes difficult to put your finger on, you just know when you want to do something.   However, I also have natural and probably common concerns which go along with skinny dipping for the first time.  I have concerns and absolutely no personal experience to draw on, but with a small amount of research, and lots of inward thinking, I now know how to deal with those concerns.  So I’m going to share those thoughts here, and each fortnight leading up to #septembare I’m going to write about why I want to skinny dip, why my body is ok, how to deal with gender specific issues and how I’m going to make sure I turn up at my skinny dip event by avoiding ‘cold feet’ and get wet feet instead.

Thanks for reading. Back soon.


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