Luke’s Blog – Part 3

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Hi, I’m Luke.   I’m going to skinny dip for the first time this septembare.   I’ve got concerns but I’ve thought about it a lot and now I’ve got solutions too.  In this post I’m going to explain why my body’s ok to reveal, and why yours probably is too.

I’m happy just to be a healthy weight and aim to be somewhere around the middle of the green bar on the body mass index.  Luckily I’ve held myself back from developing an Adonis-like physique, which I feel might have drawn attention to myself if I was self conscious as a newbie.  So another benefit of skinny dipping is to encourage me to eat healthily and be active because I want to look at my best.

I’ve got body hair in the usual places, and I’m happy to keep it because it’s natural and comfortable, although I may tidy myself up by snipping a few long ones.  Just recently I noticed some random patches of hair on my back and carefully used a razor and a mirror to remove them quite easily.   So skinny dipping has also prompted me to consider my body appearance, something I should have done long before now.

It really doesn’t matter what we look like.  Often when people take up running as beginners, they feel self conscious and so run later in the evening when it’s dark, as I did when I started out.  Then I realised that it didn’t matter if people saw me running because I felt pleased with myself that I was running and they weren’t, and I also felt a sense of belonging, knowing that there were plenty of other people out running like me.  I guess the same applies to skinny dipping.  What’s important is that you’ve bothered to turn up and take part, and so it really doesn’t matter what you look like.  I guess when you’re naked you might feel less judgmental anyway, except on maybe the weather and the water temperature.   I can see how why they say being naked is a social leveller.

Finally, there are plenty of pictures and videos on the internet of naturist events like Streak for Tigers and World Naked Bike Ride, and TV programmes available to watch again such as Naked Attraction and the GBSD documentary.  Seeing people in those contexts help me to realise naturists are all shapes and sizes, and it helps to normalise nudity in my mind.

Next time I’ll be reflecting on how to overcome gender specific concerns, and how I’m going to battle past any daemons on the day of the dip.

Thanks for reading.  Back soon.


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