Luke’s Blog – Part 4

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Hi, I’m Luke and I’m skinny dipping for the first time this Septembare.  In this post I’m going to consider male concerns about skinny dipping.  I’ve taken advice from very credible sources and also found some random but useful nuggets from elsewhere that others, who feel as I do, may find useful.

I have been told that for some men there’s the common concern of showing signs of arousal.  I’ve read reassurances that it’s not likely to happen because it’s a non sexual environment.  I believe that.  For me, however, I want a plan B as a safety net, and maybe a plan C too in case the first net has a flaw in it.  As someone who has spent most of my life clothed, for whatever reason, simply being naked might cause a problem.

In advance of my dip, I have been conditioning my mind to normalise nudity by watching the Great British Skinny Dip or Naked Attraction programmes again on the Channel 4 website.  I have spent some time naked at home getting comfortable with it and developing self control.   In doing so I have reassured myself that it is possible to be distracted whilst naked, maybe by reading or doing the ironing (carefully!).

On the day of the GBSD, I have been told to remember the other people are not glamour models, they are normal people who queue with us at the supermarket, and the human body is only sexy if our minds allow it to be.  Even if we do find someone attractive, luckily we chaps have an automatic safety valve which knows when it is the wrong time and place.  I have practised distracting myself with thoughts about work or the tax return (!).

As a last resort, as all Naturists carry a towel, it is possible to use that and then head for the water to cool off!

Next time I’ll be considering how, on the day of my Great British Skinny Dip, I’m going to make sure I get myself along to my chosen Land of Hope & Glory.

Thanks for reading.  Back soon.


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