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Hi, I’m Luke.  I’ll be skinny dipping for the first time in septembare.  But my first time experience of social nudity happened just last month, when I took part in Streak for Tigers at London Zoo and my experience was very positive.  I’d like to tell you about it.

Before the streak, I felt a little apprehensive only when I first put my foil wrap around me because the reality of what I was about to do set in.  I was then waiting in the courtyard with the other ‘tigers’ (some with wraps, some without) and decided to acclimatise by removing my foil wrap.  As a first timer, I had irrational expectation that everyone would suddenly stop chatting and turn to look at me and my body.  But they didn’t, they just carried on chatting.  It felt strange to me being naked in this context but at the same time that feeling was massively outweighed by feelings of being comfortable and natural.   It felt comfortable because there was no elasticated waist band clinging to me.  Natural too, maybe because all the animals were naked too, maybe because the version of me as a hurried traveller in London was left upstairs with my clothes and I was now feeling the natural and tranquil warmth of the summer’s evening all over me, or maybe because I was amongst other people enjoying the same.   It felt so exhilarating to then run without clothes.

So I’m not a first timer anymore.  But I still consider myself to be a newbie.  And I’ll consider myself to be a newbie until I get fully used to it.   But on that night I didn’t want it to end, and I can’t wait to do it again.

If you feel nervous, keep busy beforehand on the day, look forward to enjoying the event and remind yourself that it is no big deal and of your reasons for doing it.

I hope I’ve inspired you.  I can’t take any nerves away from your first time because they’re natural and anyway will be part of your special collection of memories from your first time.  But I hope I’ve convinced you that it’s worth pushing through those nerves, and that you’ll be ok.

I shall be going to the Meadway Sports Centre near Reading for my Great British Skinny Dip.  I’ll be the one with the Union Flag towel and humming ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’ as I enter the pool.  I’m looking forward to it.

Enjoy your dip.  I’ll be thinking of you.  And thanks for reading.

Best Wishes


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