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Hi, I’m Luke and I skinny dipped for the first time in septembare. I went to the Meadway Leisure Centre in Reading.

I was given a document stating I had a visitor temporary membership of Reading Naturist Group. It’s just for me to bring with me each time but it actually means a lot more to me than that. I’ve often thought about joining a swimming club but never expected naturism to be the common theme, and a few months ago I wouldn’t have expected to hold any type of membership to any type of naturist club. I feel quite proud of it.

To be honest, I was expecting for swimming naked to feel more sensual than it actually did. To the lay person such as me, I guess ladies would feel more liberated. I feel more streamlined when swimming in trunks. This time I felt as though I was swimming with the hand brake on, so I might be brave enough to use back stroke next time instead.

I did a lot more chatting than swimming. I wanted to find out who naturists are. I found that they have the same daily lives as all of us, and are really friendly to chat to. I also discovered that chatting when naked can improve your confidence because you tend to purposefully look in the eye more when talking, rather than letting your eyes wander.

This evening was less razzmatazz than Streak for Tigers and more pure naturism. I like the venue. There’s plenty of parking space, the security of poolside lockers and a good size pool to swim in with music played through to the pool area. I’ll definitely visit again. I’d like to meet my new friends again and there was something tranquil about the whole evening. This club covers a wide geographical area and it’s important to keep it by using it.

I might also try skinny dipping outdoors, maybe in the sea. But I’m still that person who likes the comfort and convenience of clothes, and prefers the indoors to outdoors. I’m just now also more comfortable with my body which is a good thing, and I take more notice of my body which reminds me that I’d like to stay fit and healthy, and that’s another good thing. I recently heard a statement that really resonated with me that naturism is all about feeling comfortable. And I’ll be enjoying more of it.

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