Aberdeen – Balmedie/Black Dog Beach – 1st September


Aberdeen - Balmedie/Blackdog beach - 1st September

Meet at 4pm for a 430pm Skinny Dip

Meet on the beach beyond the North End of the Black Dog Firing Range.

OS Ref. NJ 96962-15393. (GPS waypoint 008). This can be reached from Blackdog or Balmedie.  Balmedie is better parking but a slightly longer walk.

Two BN flags will be planted either side of the designated area with   a notice to indicate the swimming area.

Any change due to weather will be advised via the event notice on the GBSD site, well in advance. The weather will decide the day.

The registered charity for this event is the Multiple Myeloma charity.  They are providing a collection box for the day so cash donations can be made on the day but there will be an opportunity to donate on line through 'Just Giving' as well.

The council and police have been advised of the GBSD event

Advice to participants;

Bring a flask of a hot sugary drink, a towel and warm clothing.  If a chance of rain a waterproof and windproof jacket.

There will be an emergency shelter to fit 4 to 6 people if required.

Participants swim at their own risk, remembering it's a skinny dip not a swimming marathon.

For further details please contact John,  email : r.john.hughes@sky.com