Add Your Own Event

Are you organising an event for the Great British Skinny Dip? Adding the details is easy - all you need to do is complete the online form -

At the beginning of the form you will need to fill in your name and email address and then complete the rest of the form as described below. The name and email that you enter here will NOT be published on the web site - we need this information so that we can contact you and clarify anything that is not clear in your submitted event. Once you have completed and submitted the form you will not be able to make changes yourself but will have to send an email with a description of the changes that you want and we will update it for you.

However, if you plan to organise several events and/or you anticipate needing to make several changes to event details then contact us to obtain a username and password from and then complete the form here: You will need to log in to add or edit events. Once logged in you will also be able to edit the details of the location of the event at

General Instructions and tips to make your event look great...

  • Give your event a memorable name (for example, Brighton Beach Skinny Dip) and then complete the date and time fields.
  • Fill in the name and address of the venue - make it as accurate as possible as it will be used to generate a pin on the maps. If there isn't an address - for a location such as a beach - then enter something close by (the car park in which dippers are to meet, for example) and then drag the pin to the correct location.
  • Fill in the details of the event being sure to include any important notes (such as specific instructions if the location is difficult to find or access).
  • Fill in the name, email and phone number that we may publish on the web site as contact information. Please remember the website is public and there can be no control over who uses the contact details.
  • If you have a web site with details of the event then provide the URL for that website (or preferably a URL directly to the event details).
  • Upload an image that will make the event appear more interesting when it is displayed on the web site. An image that is between 300px and 400px in both dimensions will display most effectively. It does not have to be square, but very tall or very wide images will not look so good.
  • Tick the box to confirm that the details may be published and then submit the event.
  • The event will go for approval so if there is some query about the details then you will be contacted for clarification.


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