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We know the thought of being naked in front of strangers - or perhaps even more so your friends - is sometimes an intimidating prospect for first timers, so we've gathered together a selection of articles and videos to illustrate how easy and liberating it really is.

Follow these links and be inspired... we'll be posting new items at the top of this page as we find them, so do check back to see any new additions from time to time.

Hazel Newton describes what is feels like to be an Irish Naturist at 50 and why she is happier with her clothes off - even in the snow!

Return to Now: World Health Organisation says the Health Benefits of Sunbathing far outweigh the risks

Pirate FM's top 5 things to do in Cornwall naked

Naturists see BN Membership soar! (Daily Star)

The Joys of going Topless.  What Brits can learn from our European cousins about bikinis. (The Metro)

A young woman's perspective on Naturism and body image

Opinion - a heatwave is the perfect time to get naked. Is this the best article we've ever read?

The Guardian confirms - all beaches can be used by Naturists

Public nudity is not illegal - and even the police agree now

...and there is no need to warn the neighbours if you want to enjoy your own garden without getting dressed

A woman's six reasons to be naked

Rosie reveals how she used to be mortified by nudity — but has learned to love it

The eight amazing health benefits of swimming (it comes to nine when you lose the costume...)

Thanks to the Outdoor Swimming Society for helping us to promote the Great British Skinny Dip!

Wild swimming is a 're-boot for the body', says Kate Humble on BBC's 'Off the Beaten Track'

Lucy shares her GBSD experience at Monknash Beach

The Great British Skinny Dip - on TV! Here's the trailer for our 2017 documentary

Nobody Runs for the Hills - is Britain ready for everyday nudity? - article from The Guardian - 27 January 2017

Being naked makes us happier and more satisfied with our bodies - article from Mail On Line - 25 January 2017

Nude-ercise is aimed at anyone who wants to get fit without the clutter of clothes - article from the Daily Echo - 21 January 2017

Dr Keon West, senior lecturer in the Psychology department at Goldsmiths University, explores; does being naked improve your body image? - Vimeo - 16 January 2017

Fewer illnesses, reduced stress - how cold water swimming can change your life - article from the Spectator - December 2016

Top spots for skinny-dipping - article from The Tatler - March 2016

Robson Green, star of Robson Green’s Wild Swimming Adventure on ITV1, says: “Swimming starkers is completely normal and it’s totally exhilarating. Having the water in contact with your body switches you on.” Read more here

Bare necessities - Our very own skinny clip

Health Benefits of Going Nude - Article from The Sun newspaper

Life Changing Moments: Clothing Optional - TED talk

In at the Deep End: Skinny Dipping in Glasgow - article

Blue Hue by Natasha Brooks - a film about the joys of year round naked swimming in the lakes of Snowdonia.

The Scientific Reasons Why You Should Just Always Be Naked - Elite Daily article

CFI On Location  - naked GoPro group adventure at Deep Creek

Is being in the nude healthy for you and your family? - article - How your comfort zone with nudity can affect your self-image, and your children’s.

The Health Benefits of Sun - article - the sun on prescription

French Naturistbeach commercial

The great naked experiment: Why 7 days without clothes was so worth it - article

How Getting Naked in Front of Strangers Made Me Feel Good About My Body - article

Support body freedom - Summer swim YouTube video

Can being nude more often help body image issues? - article by Chris Webb


Image - Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash