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To make the Great British Skinny Dip a success we need venues … and LOTS OF THEM! We're now into our fourth year and many people know about GBSD. Also, following the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Great British Skinny Dip’, first aired in February 2017, and seen by millions, there has been an increased awareness of GBSD, and the public are waiting for details of events and venues in their area where they can join in! Please be part of it.

This page has information for you if you:

  • want to ask a venue to get involved
  • want to host an event at a venue you own or manage
  • are thinking of hosting an event and need help on where and how to do it

What kind of venues are we looking for?

Anywhere you can swim safely. Outdoor or wild locations are perfect so let’s include lakes and tarns, rivers, open-air lidos, and beaches. Nothing wrong with indoor locations - and sometimes with the British weather they can be preferable - so we want to include swimming pools in leisure centres, waterparks, and municipal and school pools. We might gain a number of new venues and locations regularly used for Naturism. Existing Naturist locations like clubs and swims are also obvious places for people to give it a try - and can be a way to find new members. We certainly hope to have a BN-run outdoor event in each one of our six regions.

How will the events be organised?

It depends on the location. Public venues such as lakes, beaches or rivers just need someone to coordinate a gathering. Private locations such as leisure centres can be hired by an individual or group - or even be persuaded to host their own. There are factsheets and sample letters in the resources section at the foot of this page, but don’t hesitate to simply ask venue managers/staff face to face.

All venues must be open and welcoming. We must carry people through their experience and make it as easy as possible for them when they may feel out of their comfort zone and even vulnerable. The only ‘rule’ therefore to enable it to work is that everyone turning up at a venue is to be admitted unless there is a common-sense reason not to. Some groups or venues may choose to pair with a charity and raise money for a good cause. That’s good because it gives the charity something different to engage their fund-raisers with and provides an excuse for people to participate. We understand that pre-registration is usually asked for by charities, but just make sure that you also give a warm welcome to anyone turning up at the venue on the day.

Isn't swimming naked unhygienic?

No, it's the opposite. It is a misconception that there are hygiene considerations to take into account when making a pool available for costume-free swimming. Indeed, the pools who already run naked swims report a lower than usual change in the water balance after the costume-free sessions due to the reduction in chemicals entering the pool due to the detergents and fabric conditions found within swimwear and it enables them to use less chlorine. It’s much easier to make a naked body clean from a pre-swim shower than when wearing a costume. In spa venues across Europe it is mandatory to be naked.

Won't the Staff/Lifeguards be embarrassed?

Some venues worry about this or imagine that they'll have trouble staffing nude swim sessions, but that's rare – Naturist swims happen all around the country every week with a full complement of lifeguards who adjust to the nudity after only a few minutes. In fact, venue staff often comment on how they prefer the Naturist sessions, as the people are friendlier and easier to deal with. We are sometimes asked if staff/lifeguards have to be nude too – of course not, but no one would mind if they were...

How do we deal with privacy?

It may be deemed necessary to ensure that the pool area to be used for the skinny dip is not visible via any windows either within the venue or from the outside. The Great British Skinny Dip organisers do not believe that obscuring views into the pool area is necessary as there is no law stating that nudity is illegal. Nevertheless, screening is relatively easy to sort out.

What about children?

Young children don’t care if they are wearing clothes or not, it’s adults who make them get dressed. And as children get close to puberty they are taught in school that bodies are something to be hidden away – yet it is this approach that leads to many of the insecurities people have about their perfectly normal bodies, that are around today. Scientific studies have shown that children raised in Naturist families grow up with a better understanding of what people really look like and enjoy a more relaxed attitude to all kinds of things in later life. Anyone under 18 participating in the Great British Skinny Dip must be accompanied by an adult, but there is no reason to limit the session to adults – you’ll be missing out on families!

If you have any other questions, concerns or suggestions please get in touch

Promoting Your Event

Here’s the help you can expect from us once your event is confirmed:

  • A listing of your event on this website
  • A listing of your event on the British Naturism online calendar
  • Mention of the event on the British Naturism Members’ Forum
  • Promotional publicity for The Great British Skinny Dip will appear in the quarterly BN Magazine
  • Leaflets and posters for you to display
  • Coverage on the social media platforms for GBSD and BN
  • Nearer the time, we will be talking to the traditional media about The Great British Skinny Dip leading to national and local press, radio and TV coverage


Sample letter to request the use of a venue (Word/.DOCX) (Acrobat/.PDF)

Running a Beach Event guidance

A copy of this page to print for reference or to give to a venue (Acrobat/.PDF)


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