Health benefits of nudity

Being naked is good for you!

Here’s a question, and be as honest and as objective as possible with your answer: what are the negative health consequences of being naked?

…it’s a tough one to find a justifiable answer to, isn’t it? In fact, it’s far easier to think about all of the positive results of being naked. You can probably provide several other answers without having to think too hard about it. After all, it's widely accepted that it’s good for everyone to have the sun and fresh air on their skin – so why not give every inch of yourself the benefits?

Here’s a few: 

  • A recent scientific study has shown that people who are naked in a social setting have greater self-esteem than the rest of the population;
  • General relaxation and relief;
  • An escape from the repression of modern, daily life;
  • You have more skin (all of it, in fact) exposed to sunlight and, therefore, more Vitamin D – a vitamin recognised at government level as so significantly lacking for the majority of people in the UK that it is the only supplement nationally recommended;  
  • When you swim naked, there is no soggy fabric sticking into every crease, no swimming costumes left getting colder and more uncomfortable the longer out of the water you are and no scratchy material to rub against your skin and irritate it;
  • Your naked skin also dries much quicker;
  • Think of the all-over suntan!;
  • Being naked in the company of others helps our perceptions of what constitutes a healthy body – we’re all very different and subscribing solely to mediated images is very unhealthy;
  • Greater connection with, and awareness of, your own body; 
  • Social barriers are broken down therefore leading to greater, more significant, social connections;
  • Allowing those areas of your body typically always covered (feet, genitals) you’ll be giving them a chance to really breathe and be refreshed;
  • Regularly going clothes-free enables us to keep an eye on potential problem areas such as skin conditions, lumps/bumps, obesity and other health problems.

When you take off your clothes, you do more than just peel away the layers of fabric. It often feels like you are removing your worries, stresses and particularly any hang-ups you have about your body. If you’ve yet to try it, there is no greater feeling of freedom than giving your whole body - and in fact your entire ‘being’ - a good airing.

Challenge yourself – and others

“Social nudity” is on the increase, as we are becoming far less hung up these days about seeing others naked, or being seen naked by others. After all, it's just a body - we all have one - and they are all very different, just as our faces differ greatly from one another ... so why are some of us still so nervous of it? Perhaps because we've been hiding our bodies away for so long!

What, me?

You might be reading this and feel you just couldn’t, ever … but just consider it for a moment. By honouring yourself enough to do something that will help to create a better relationship between you and your naked body, could be a positive step towards changing your whole life!

Wouldn't it be great to feel happy in your own skin, knowing that you can take your clothes off and no-one will judge you?

The bottom line is simple: being naked is good - physically and mentally - for you. 

What’s more, an increasing number of people are realising the significant benefits that spending time naked brings to mental, emotional and physical health - including the way it helps to overcome body image issues and helps people to relax and escape the rigours of daily life.

Until it becomes second nature, social nudity is also a wonderful personal challenge as well as being quite the mind-clearer. By stripping away your clothes, there’s a good chance that you’ll be stripping away the worries of the day along with any particular stresses and problems occupying your mind. 

It’s true too that social nudity is, generally, becoming increasingly more popular. The rise of naked yoga classes, naked dining and, well, naked everything in fact strongly suggests a relaxation towards our natural states. Membership to Club Naked is growing, all you have to do is join in. 

…It’s really no secret: being naked is good for you!

So put an end to hiding away your naked form and thinking it is shameful. Instead, commit to doing something about respecting your body and improving your self-esteem. Go on, take the plunge!

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Image - Mel Jones

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