About GBSD

Taking place across the UK in July 2020!

Every year this great event provides lots of opportunities for people to try costume-free swimming across many varied locations throughout the UK.

The emphasis is on discovering a really fun way to raise awareness of how society’s buttoned-up attitude towards the human body is causing people to lead potentially unhealthy lives. 

The more we hide away and are ashamed of our bodies, the harder it is to look after them properly and the greater likelihood of people having body confidence issues. But don’t think this is some kind of indoctrination. After all, you can look after your body in private, right? Behind that closed bathroom door or in the company of your partner. Being naked in public isn’t about physical examinations or some kind of ‘show and tell’. Being naked in public is about the opportunity to have a dialogue about your body and to consider your general health in relation to what you see to be normal, rather than assume it to be. 

Don’t take our word for it. Join in and see for yourself. 

Throughout July 2020 there will be many opportunities, in varied locations all around the country, for you to discover the fun, exhilaration and liberation of shaking off your clothes - and your troubles too!

Worried about the law? Don't be!

Even in these enlightened days of the 21st Century, many of us still assume that not wearing any clothes in a public place is going to get you arrested. Not so! It's been that way for over a decade, but British Naturism have engineered a change in the way public nudity is treated by the Police and all officers are now being trained properly. The law is clear: if you remove your clothes with the intention of causing someone alarm and distress then you are likely to get into trouble. If you are removing your clothes to celebrate your humanity, to do something exhilarating and to feel the breeze on your body and the water all over your skin, then no problem! With global warming pushing the summer temperatures ever higher, it's actually the sensible way to be!

An Even Greater Good

Maybe you have a cause that you would like to raise money for?

If so, why not run your own skinny dip?

Or, if that sounds like too much hard work then simply take part in one of our pre-organised events.

Want to know more?  Simply click one of the links below to:

The Great British Skinny Dip is a project run by British Naturism, the UK’s national organisation for Naturists since 1964.


Image: Mark Bass


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